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Catching Santa in the act has never been easier

It's as easy as one, two, three!

Upload your background picture

Simply upload any good quality picture you like. A picture of your lounge or kitchen or maybe your fire place or Christmas Tree. As long as it's a good quality photograph you can upload whatever you choose. See our gallery for inspiration.

Select Santa

Choose one of our Santa images, position him and adjust his height. This means you can have Santa the correct size in scale with your uploaded photograph. You are then able to flip and rotate so you have more options making it as realistic as possible.

Finalise photo

You can zoom in and out on your back ground photo, and on Santa so you can get him just right. When you're happy with your Santa Photo you can save it, print it or simply share it via Facebook or Twitter with a simple press of a button.

Why not use our catch Santa site as often as you like and create lots of different Santa Photo's. Catch Santa coming down the chimney, taking a nap under the Christmas Tree or even kissing Mummy! You can then revisit our site year upon year and do the same. Unlimited access is a one off payment of £7.99.

How much are your Santa Photos?

One Santa photograph is £4.00, three Santa photos are £5.00 and for unlimited photographs you pay just £8.00. Unlimited means there are no limits to the amount of times you can use it, so you can do lots of different photos and you can use it year after year after year.

What picture format can I upload?

You can upload jpg, jpeg, gif, png, JPG, JPEG, JIF, PNG formats. We do not accept other formats due to their low quality - this will directly affect your finished Santa photograph.

What picture shall I upload?

It's up to you; see our gallery for ideas.

Is there a size limit for the picture I'm uploading?

Maximum file size is 10MB - most digital photos are around 3MB - 4MB.

Can I save my Santa Photo to my computer?

Once you have completed your photo, you will be prompted to download your pictures and save them to your computer.
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